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Generally there is a lot of looking at a start on the housing market. Nowadays you only have the possibility to finance the purchase price of your dream house, so you often have to deposit a large amount yourself as a starter. Something for a couple is easier to accomplish than for someone alone. And what if you become incapacitated or deal with a death and survivor's pension? It is very important to be aware of all the financial consequences and risks. When you do this yourself online you often do not get in touch with all the possibilities or you will soon see through the trees the forest no longer. In addition, an online proposal lacks a very important aspect, namely personal guidance.

Thuisingeld understands that the right personal guidance for starter (s) is incredibly important. We are talking about financial advice in the widest sense of the word. Our guidance does not stop when giving advice, but runs through throughout the process. From the guidance at a real estate agency, up to and including any additional matters that come around the corner. Because perhaps in the future there will be something that influences your monthly burden, such as getting children. We are aware of all the risks and possibilities and we would like to explore these together with you.

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