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As streamer, there are always risks to a situation that changes. Can you bring the old facilities of your current mortgage? There may have been clear changes in your pattern: perhaps you have gotten children, you are on the eve of your pension, you are dealing with disability, unemployment or perhaps a higher income. In any case, changes bring consequences with regard to your support and possible monthly burdens. Important aspects that take home in money in your financial advice.

Unfortunately, it is still the case that many other consultants focus only on the conclusion of a mortgage or insurance. In our opinion, it is important to build up a long-term, warm contact: at all times honest financial advice with an eye for the long-term consequences. At home in Money does not let you down after the first advice, we devote extensive attention to your situation, so that no problems will appear later. We involve not only the now, but also the past and especially the – your – future.

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