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Have you found your dream home and need a mortgage? Or do you need other financial advice? At home in Money it understands that such impactful choices revolve around trust and your specific, personal situation. We take you by the hand and reduce the threshold to a financial advisor. We immerse ourselves in your wishes and thus always come together to the best financial solution.


From new build and existing construction to houseboat: Our mortgage advice revolves around the right cooperation. We take you along all the steps that come with the financing of your dream home. From the level of the loan amount, to the different interests and ways of reimbursement: Together we look at the best solution. We will keep you informed of everything at all times.

We are personally driven to put everything in place to get your financing in a safe and secure way. We take you by the hand and make sure we are taking care of you on the road from dream to mortgage advice.


When it comes to insuring, it's always about something that you can't or want to carry the risks yourself. We create an overview of the wide range and protect you against risks such as overinsurance. We create certainty so that you do not have to worry about any financial consequences.

Mortgage Advice Groningen


Sometimes you get a little too short on financial matters. Whatever the situation, we are there for you to point out the various credit options. Always with a view to repayment within a foreseeable time.

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